Our historic 1911 home is a very loving and cat friendly place.


We are a cage-less cattery...

  We are a "cageless" cattery and our kittens are never confined save for trips to the veterinarian, raised "under foot" with lots of room in our 1911 home to explore, play with their siblings and have plenty of exercise to help them grow and thrive.

  Born into our hands, each kitten is constantly handled from birth, groomed regularly with faces washed, nails trimmed and tolerate being bathed and blown dry with a hair dryer.  They enjoy being brushed and combed which reinforces the strong bond between the kittens and their human companions.  Five to ten minutes each day of TLC will reinforce the bond we've striven to establish and keep your kitty healthy and looking spectacular.

  We strongly encourage people to visit and play with the kittens at length to really get a feel for their individual personalities.  No matter from whom you purchase a kitten, be sure to see the environment in which they are raised before making a final decision as there is a short window of less than two weeks to establish the bond between human and newborn animal.  These kittens will be your lifelong companion and always seek to be close at hand.

  Our kittens are never shipped unattended and we prefer people come to our home and pick up their new family member. We will hand deliver your kitten to a "halfway" point if you are willing to drive part of a longer distance (an additional charge may be incurred dependent upon mileage) and we've flown with kittens to distant states.

  At 12 weeks of age, if we determine they are mature enough, we will release them to their new owners.  Each kitten will have had their age appropriate vaccinations and those leaving the state of North Carolina will receive a veterinarian certified Certificate Of Health.

  Photos of the newest kittens are posted on the website and Facebook under "Penny's Persians" at approximately 4 weeks of age as they become more photogenic and at that time we will accept a deposit to "reserve" your choice.  All advertised kittens will remain available until there is a signed sales agreement returned to us and a paid deposit (ordinarily through Paypal) of $400.00.  Please be sure of your choice as the deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable for another kitten as it's at that time taken off the market.

  To ensure our kittens are getting the best possible homes, please tell us a bit about yourself. You are making a long-term commitment to a living creature and as these kittens are members of our family, we want only the best for them. Remember that Persians and Himalayans are not meant to be outdoor cats and understand they are to be indoor only pets.

  Please call or email with any questions and if you decide upon one of our kittens, we are available 24/7 to ensure your experience is a good one.


Tom & Penny





Our 12 Month Health Guarantee

Your Persian kitten will come with a record of its age-appropriate vaccinations and dates of worming.  We guarantee for one year against any congenital or hereditary defects or a replacement kitten will be given.  Our cattery has never sold a kitten with any congenital or hereditary defects.  We pride ourselves on the health or each and every kitten.



*Kittens sold to NC residents are subject to NC Sales Tax*

All deposits are non-refundable.