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We take great care in raising our kittens to be the utmost loving companions and we appreciate all the photo updates and kind words .


Thea and Tessa_edited.jpg
Thea and Tessa

From Barbara and Carl Dyer,, 4/12/22

The kittens are growing and growing.

Thea often serenades us from another room, talking at length to her toys. Tessa wants to see and understand everything that is going on. Hence, she is my shadow around the house. She's convinced that carpet cleaning is a fun game.

Penny and Tom, you are breeders extraordinaire!

Allison's Kitten.jpg

From Allison 5/23/19 

We picked up Sarah on Saturday which was a very big day for her; she jumped onto your sofa for the very first time, and when we went to bed Saturday night she leaped onto the high, king-size bed we have without missing!  We could not believe it.  By Tuesday morning late she had completely made her new home hers.

This morning Sarah "found" Millie's puppy-dog food bowl, managed to get a large piece of food out, played with it awhile, and then tried to nibble on it.  She was so funny!  Wished you could have seen her.

We are so very smitten with Sarah that I am contemplating adopting a White Chinchilla Persian kitten from you when a female becomes available.

You did an absolutely fantastic job of picking a kitten out for us; we could not have hand-picked a more wonderful kitten ourselves.  We are so very blessed to have found you and Tom as Persian Breeders.


From Carol 5/27/17: These kittens are so beautiful and I can honestly say they are raised with so much love and care. Their personalities reflect the loving hands that raised them. I am so fortunate to have a beautiful girl from Penny and Tom, she is so me. She is incredibly sweet, very playful, and a very smart girl, never anything but a delight.


From Gayle 9/28/15: I have had Himalayans for over 30 years. My second generation girls were lost to kidney failure at the ages of 17 ½ and 18 ¾ years, respectively, in September 2014 and January 2015. Shortly after the loss of Liliana (a flame point) in January of this year, I mounted a nation-wide search to find another flame point girl and contacted over 50 Himmie breeders all over the country. I knew the flame point girl would be most difficult to find, so I looked for her first….but I also wanted a second Himmie kitten—a blue, seal, tortie, or blue-cream point girl. I hoped to pick the kittens up and drive them home, if possible—and really hoped to find two litter mate sisters. I contacted a number of Himmie breeders in North Carolina, including Penny’s Persians. I truly enjoyed talking by phone with Penny and Tom, who loved sharing news about their cats and relaying much helpful information. What impressed me is how Penny and Tom really spend time with their kittens and get them “socialized” with humans. The cats/kittens are not caged, but are allowed to have the “run” of of their large home. With the new AFCA and CFA guidelines about keeping kittens until 13-14 weeks of age before letting them go to their “forever” homes, this socialization is extremely important.
After months of searching for the flame point girl, I found her, thanks to a breeder in IL who was willing to let her go (many breeders want to keep a quality animal for show or for breeding). Unfortunately, there were only two in her litter, and her tortie sister was already spoken for.

I remembered Penny’s Persians—I had even seen pictures of Angelina and her siblings as soon as they were posted on the website. So I immediately called Penny and Tom….and Angelina was still available, thanks to a deal that had initially fallen through (all of Angelina’s siblings were already spoken for). As they say, some things were “meant to be.”
My flame point (Anadora) came to her “forever” home last May. We immediately fell in love with each other, and I soon knew she needed another kitten playmate…she was getting too attached to me, and I planned to do some traveling. Ana needed a cat companion….and Angelina (now known as Ingelore) came to us in early June. Inge and Ana really hit it off, despite the fact that Ana is still twice Inge’s size (Inge often charges Ana)—and they groom each other, looking totally blissful. Inge has also bonded nicely with me, and is my “lap cat” and “people food taster”, unlike Ana.
Ingelore is a gentle, playful kitten and she is turning into a real beauty. Penny and Tom have been so helpful with all their useful information about the cat products they like. They do
everything possible to insure that their kittens’ new owners have all the information they need to raise a healthy and happy companion. I highly recommend Penny’s Persians for healthy and loving kittens.


From Jill 7/12/15: I purchased my kitten Branson from Penny back in May, 2015. The entire process was extremely easy and stress free. When my daughter and I picked him up we were able to see his environment, his parents and siblings.
All of his litter mates were friendly and loving. Since bringing Branson home, he has bonded with me, my ten year old Yorkshire terrier, and unbelievably, my one year old conure.
Branson is loving and sweet. I could not have asked for a better kitten. We love him dearly. I highly recommend Penny's Persians if you are looking for a top quality kitten. They are professionals and you won't be disappointed.


From Loretta 6/18/15: We purchased a Persian kitten from Penny's Persians. They are great breeders, the kittens are well cared for and people friendly. They give great advice and tips for the kittens care. I highly recommend them.

Michael, Katarina, Rocco

From Rhonda, 8/23/14:  I have purchased 3 kittens from Penny's Persians in the last couple of years; Michael, Katariina and Rocco. They have all been beautiful, healthy and so loving and sweet. Penny and Tom were a pleasure to work with and very helpful.I have always felt like I could go to them with any questions about the kittens.


From Jessica, 2014:  Caleb is the sweetest little kitten, he will follow you around all morning meowing, kneading his big paws, wanting love and affection. He loves his little nose rubbed and is very calm mannered and loves to sit at the windows and watch the birds and bugs. He loves to be held and stare into the big fish tanks, moving his paws against the tank in a swimming motion like he's "catching" the fishies.


From Bree, 4/4/14: I purchased our kitten, Batman, (formerly known as "Jackson") from Penny's Persians weeks before he was actually of age to come home. Penny & Tom kept me updated with pictures and emails while we were eagerly waiting for his arrival. Batman is one of the most loving kittens I've ever owned - he instantly hit it off with my 3 year old son and they have been inseparable ever since. Batman is very laid back, quiet & just one furry ball of snuggles! When it comes time for a new addition to our family - we will definitely be in touch with them once again. Thank you Penny & Tom! :)


From Anna, 4/5/14: On 2/6/14 my Baby Blackie passed away and I was so sad and devastated and my husband asked me if I wanted another Persian cat but I told him no because I get so attached and it makes me crazy and feel that I also want to die when they die, but the problem was I couldn't move on. Then I was browsing the internet and found black Persians cats that looked like my baby Blackie and I decided to have one again. Finally, I found Penny Persian’s from NC and I start browsing their kittens and cats. They are so pretty and I liked to watch their video clips and pictures. I contacted Tom and he was very nice when I talked to him on the phone. It was very good timing because in a week he was going to be delivering kittens near Washington, DC and he said he would meet us in Emporia and hand-deliver the kitten. The kitten is very playful and a very good companion and even my husband loves to be with him and all he does is play with him and filming while he plays. He is such a good boy and well trained and the good thing also their kittens are negative in leukemia; we had tested the kitten and it was negative that's why its nice to get and purchase a family member from Penny's Persians. I highly recommend them. Tom and Penny, thank you very much because you helped me a lot to have my energy and to be happy again.  


From Holly, 3/18/14: "Lilly is amazing!! She sat on my shoulder the entire ride home (9hours) purring away. Once home she quickly made herself comfy on the couch and sleeps with us at night. She is a wonderful beautiful kitten and we love her already. She is brave and affectionate but also likes her independence. My friends and family have come over to meet her and they all fall in love! She was worth the trip!! Thank you so very much! She is loved !!


From MaryAnn: 12/18/17 Tom and Penny have the most wonderful and sweet kittens anyone could hope to find. Their purrs are non stop, and the kisses are sure to let you know how much they love. Tom and Penny raise these wonderful kits in their laps from very early on to assure that they will be fantastic companions, and they are that. Kudos to them for a job well done, now that my precious kits are in my life, I cannot imagine it otherwise. If you are on the fence about making one of Penny’s Persians part of your life, think no more. Your life will forever be enhanced!

  ALEX and  ERIN

From Michelle: 9/25/17 Choosing these two babies was one of the best decisions we ever made. I thank God for Tom and Penny and the wonderful job they do with their kitties. I still can't believe they will be five in January & February.

 LUCAS     and

From Judith: 6/25/16: Our Lucas and Milo are so precious!! We can hardly believe how easy their transition into our family has been today! On a 4 hour drive to our home they spent most of the time either in my lap or on my shoulder! Penny and Tom really love their kittens and do a wonderful job making sure that the transition goes well for all. You can just feel the love that they have for their kittens! It's very evident that they take excellent care of all their cats. We are so thankful to have found them and look forward to years of joy with our beautiful Lucas (now Marley) and Milo! And Marley just went racing through the room with a ball in his mouth!


From Courtney 10/18/15: I adopted Wilson from Penny's Persians last March. From the moment I arrived at Penny and Tom's house, I knew that their kittens had been well-loved. Penny and Tom knew each and every kitten’s individual personality, and all of the cats were well-groomed and friendly.

Since bringing Wilson home, Penny and Tom have given me all of the advice and information I have ever needed. If I had a question, they were on the phone within an hour. Wilson is incredibly loving, playful, and calm. He never hides. He always greets my friends (and sometimes their dogs!) and loves being held.

I often have to travel home, and Wilson has never made any noise or fuss on the plane. I never expected a cat to be so easy, but Wilson is and I am very happy.


From Lorraine 9/14/15: Just a little message to tell you just how much we love our Cooper! He has the best personality and makes us laugh all the time. He now weighs 10 pounds and I don't think he is done growing yet. My dog, Molly, weighs 8 pounds. Cooper likes to pounce on Molly and swipe her legs as she walks by. Paper sacks are his favorite toy! He runs in and out of funny to watch.

Anyway, we love Cooper and he's a perfect fit for our family.


From Andy and Katie 7/25/15: We are the happy family who has received one of Penny’s Persian kittens. Our sweet kitten has been with us about five weeks now and we couldn’t be more pleased with not only the cat, but the service from Tom and Penny. Our Tallulah Belle (aka Krista) is just the joy of our home. She came to our home ready to become part of our family. Tom has pre-spoiled the kittens and she is accustomed to being handled and played with, so we didn’t have to do much to keep that going. She was very well socialized and took to our family like she had always been there. She is a very intelligent and healthy kitten. She is accustomed to going to the vet so we didn’t have a problem with a wild cat having a fit in the pet carrier or seeing the doctor for her checkups. Tom is always available to help with any questions you might have. I would recommend Penny’s Persians without any reservations. It’s a wonderful place to get a top cat!

Captain Napoleon

From Linda, 11/23/14: 

I have written a poem about Captain Napoleon (formerly "Sam"): 


From the Big Queen Ann near Wilmington town, came my kitten with Angel Down;

He has spots on his nose and even on his toes;

He runs and jumps and acts much like a clown;

But there is no love like my kitten with Angel Down.


Written by Linda for Captain Napoleon


From Jessica, 4/4/14: I just wanted to send an update on Miss Lexi. She is a wonderful kitty! Our family loves her so much, especially our four year old daughter, Makinli. Lexi is carried around like a baby doll & loves every minute of it. She is very spunky & her favorite game is hide & seek with my husband, Austin. She is a wonderful addition to our family & we are so happy that we got her from Tom and Penny at Penny’s Persians! 


From Patsy 4/3/14:  We purchased our Sophie from Penny's Persians on 2/14/14! She was a little ball of fur! She settled right into her forever home and has given us so much love! She follows us around and sleeps with us at night and runs to the door the minute a family member gets home! She is playful and affectionate. We love her like a family member and she returns that love every day!! Wish I could get another one!! Our vet and his staff love her check ups because each one gets to hold and love her! Everyone wants to know where we got such an adorable Himalayan! Thank you Penny and Tom for raising such beautiful kittens!


From Sherry, 1/27/14: Tom and's Daniel's 8 month birthday..thank you again for caring and loving him they way you did...he is an angel, so sweet, playful and my "joyful handful"'s a tribute to you both for such wonderful care for your babies!!

  BARRY     and

From Cicily, 2/5/14: Tom and PennyThank you so much for my new babies Barry and Bianca. I purchased them soon after my Shelby earned her wings. These kittens are so much more than I could have hoped for! They’re playful, funny, loving and the epitome of Persian luxury.  They constantly provide me with photo ops, they have no problems with using the litter and actually listen (most of the time) when you say “No”.  They officially know each of their names, which remain Barry and Bianca. They like to go on play walks with me INSIDE my building.  Needless to say they’re the talk of the building. Thank you so much for taking such great care of them until my purchase. I love them so much. Also, thank you for your kindness, great talks and tips.  You have my full recommendation to all who are in the market for a beautiful, pre-spoiled, fluffy piece of heaven.



From Shea and Ashley 6/4/13:  Both Angelica and Kris are such LOVE-BUGS! So happy and playful and constantly purring!  They basically own this house and my mom and I just live in it :) .... I am ecstatic that they were kept together, they have such a strong bond and love and care for one another.  They clean each other, cuddle with each other and play all day.  Angelica is the braver of the two, she loves car rides and taking showers!  Kris on the other hand is a bit more timid and will not try anything until Angelica has tried it first!  We love them both very much and they are officially considered my children to everyone who knows me!  They both are so gorgeous and have the best personalities, we are so lucky to have found 2 wonderful kitties such as them!

LUCY    and


From Julie, 10/12/13:  Our girls are just unbelievable . . . we love both of them SO much already.  We love each of them for their unique personality.  Lucy (Vanessa) is a foodie, a gentle soft soul, and a total love bug.  She wants to be held and stroked and purrs the whole time. Sybil (Julie) is up for anything, is fearless, hilarious, and punky.  She is the leader of the pack.   And they know their new names already.  Their names seem more and more perfect for them every day.  Plus, they are getting a few nicknames, as well, like Luce the Moose.  Ha!  They haven't even been here for 2 days and they seem totally acclimated. That has really surprised me.  We felt like Lucy (Vanessa) was a little homesick the first day or so but she had her sister for comfort and followed her everywhere.  And they continue to be together constantly, especially when they sleep.  It just melts my heart to see them loving each other.  Just want you to know they are VERY happy and healthy and having lots of fun.  Tom keeps commenting on how well-behaved and quiet they are.  I know that is because of all the attention and training you and Penny have given them. We thank you for that! They seem to be attached to us and want to be wherever we are. And if one of them gets separated from the other they cry out. It is so sweet.

NICHOLAS      and


From Michael, Nicholas and Ariana's new owner 5/28/13: In December 2013 we began an active search for a new Persian kitten. As is typical these days, we began our search online and came across a posting that directed us to Just a few days later we were in the area of Atkinson, NC and my wife, daughter, son and mother-in-law paid a visit to see the newest litter. They were not only smitten with some of the most beautiful CFA kittens they had ever seen, but were also very complimentary of the couple caring for them. Penny and Tom are very passionate about what they do to raise kittens in a safe, loving environment and they go the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied with your experience. We received photos of our Nicholas regularly between the time we paid the deposit in December and the day we arrived to pick him up, just before Valentine's Day.  When your kitten moves to his or her permanent home, it takes little time to see that they have grown up in an environment where they are used to attention. Since Nicholas joined our family, we've actually decided to take another Persian from a different litter and we were fortunate enough to be able to visit with our Ariana when we were in the Atkinson area.  Our kids thoroughly enjoy getting to spend time with the kittens and it's been fun letting them be part of the decision-making process as well.


From Vanessa, the new owner of Jillian and Colleen 5/13/13: "Penny and Tom, After two years of searching, for the perfect Persian I found your cattery. Although there are a few others close by, I was won over by the personalization, and engagement with my inquires, as well as, your breeding/raising style and underfoot socializing. As you recall, we came to your home for an investigative visit in February to see Jillian (now Callie Lillie) and ended up also purchasing Colleen (now Bella Blue), who have made our lives complete. You assisted me in choosing the two perfect personalities to match my family. I cannot say enough about how much we love "the girls" and want to complement you on how well socialized the kittens are; when we picked them up, the drive and transition was a piece of cake. They are physically gorgeous and are the epitome of the Persian breed. They are loving, graceful, interactive, confident and have won over the entire family; including my Mother who was terribly frightened of cats. Bella and Callie are always on or near me and follow me through my household activities; they are actively engaged with the entire family. After a day of work, Barry and I enjoy playing, grooming and relaxing with our girls; we have found they are a huge stress reliever and enjoyment each evening. They are accustomed to bathing and grooming, Bella actually stays on the bed to enjoy the warmth of the hair dryer while I am grooming Callie. I am also so thankful for the close relationship we have with you and Tom, and that we can call for kitten advice anytime day or night. Priceless! I know you have answered at least a 101 questions from me alone. If anyone is on the fence or may question the prices, I will be delighted to pass what I have seen with my purchases, the extended time and 24 hour devotion Penny and Tom give to their kittens. It is amazing to see the results of your enduring passion for your cattery and kittens. Many catteries raise their litters in a caged environment but my girls were loved, handled and prepared to be a part of my family. They are currently answering by name and come when I call, they are certainly better behave than children I experience on occasion. Many thanks and hugs for making our life just a little more special. I will be sending more pictures and your visitors are welcomed to see "my girls" on Facebook.

PS- They recently visited the Vet confirming they were in outstanding health and all the staff dropped what they were doing so they could hold them. Sometimes I feel like my girls are local celebrities from the reactions of those we encounter.

 JILLIAN        and

From Bonnie, Farah's new owner, 6/24/12: "Farah is beautiful and I just love her!!! She rules the house. Love, Bonnie and Farrah"


From Betsy, Pippa's new owner 12/28/2012: "I wanted to let you all know how much we love Pippa! I feel compelled to tell you all what a good natured and loving cat she is! Her personality is remarkable. She loves everyone in our family (dogs included)! I truly feel the love and attention she received from you all made her a warm and loving kitten! I would recommend you all to anyone who wanted to add a Persian kitten to their family. We have truly never experienced anything quite like her!!!!!! Thank you all so much! When she went for her vet visit, our vet commented on what a beautiful healthy kitten Pippa is.


From Julie, Patrick's new owner, 5/5/13: Patrick is doing Great.  He is super sweet and loves to have his face and neck rubbed as he dozes off to sleep snuggling... He has been such a great addition to our family and we appreciate you sharing one of your babies with us. We just love him so much! It is so obvious that his first home was so perfect that it makes him the perfect kitty for his forever home :)  Thank you guys so much!!


From Michelle, the new owner of Alex and Erin 4/30/13: "  I wanted to give an update on our beautiful babies, Alex and Erin.  They went for booster shots today, and once again they were the talk of the office.  The lady at the front desk said that one of the girls saw their name on the appointment roster today and was so excited.  I made a joke about Alex being for sale, and one lady was grabbing the phone to call her husband.  She was very disappointed to learn I was joking.  The vet continues to comment on what a magnificent cat Alex is.  He is very impressed with his eyes and coat.  He also says that Erin has a perfect face and eyes.  The vet tech held Erin and did not want to let her go.  They are growing so fast.  In the past three weeks, his weight increased from 3.20 lbs to 4.80 lbs, and Erin's weight increased from 1.40 lbs to 2.80 lbs. They are very healthy and on track for kitties their age.  Words could never express our joy with these babies.  They are inseparable except at night.  Erin goes to her room at bedtime to get away.  Alex is sleeping the entire night in our bed.  Erin is the most gentle and sweet-natured kitty I have ever encountered.  She and I hang together all the time when she isn't playing with her big brother.  Thank you again for our new family.  We are forever grateful!!


From Janelle, the new owner of Stephen 5/7/13: "I had been looking for a wonderful kitten for our family. The first time I saw Stephen I knew that he was the perfect addition and that we wanted to take him home that day.We were very excited when we finally went to pick him up. He has been such a joy. He is beautiful, smart, playful, gentle and very affectionate. He gets along with our 140 pound Golden Retriever and they play with each other too. His coat is incredibly soft and he loves being petted. He prefers to be in one of our arms and is very social. The next kitten I will get will only come from Penny's Persians. The amount of love and attention they give to the kittens from the moment they are born is evident in the temperament of the wonderful kittens. We have visited at their cattery."


From Wissam and Sarah, Kate's new owners 10/11/12: "Kate is safe and sound and exploring her new territory, she loved to cuddle and she purrs all the time. We never saw something like her before, I actually had put her to sleep in her bed by petting her under her armpits and neck. On the way back home she slept on Sara's chest in the car.

I think this shows how happy, well raised, and royally treated she was with you guys. We love her a lot.

In a couple of weeks she'll meet her vet here. Today I'm off from work, and I'm planning to play with her the whole day :) I'll be sending photos of her soon.

Thanks again, we feel lucky we have found you guys and have found Kate.


From Tammy, Monty's new owner 12/17/2012: "Monty is spectacular! We did not change his name. It suits him well. Monty is truly majestic in appearance with his long thick coat, beautiful coloring of his chocolate points, and piercing blue eyes but his personality is unmistakably his best quality. He is very comfortable around people including our two year old grandson. Monty is extremely playful. We have hard wood floors in our house and he bounces sideways down the hallway into our room lands on his stomach with his back legs stretched out behind him and slides under our King size bed where he stashes away his toys. He hides under furniture and behind doors for an opportunity to pounce on any unsuspecting victim. I would say he tolerates his baths. He does not fight about it but if looks could kill.  Lol. He is very loving and sleeps in our bed. We are extremely fortunate to have found Monty. He is loved by all! Thank you for our new kitty!


From Jane, the new owner of Leo and Logan 6/24/12: "Both of them are getting  along with Coco, our dog, and they are incredibly well-adapted, and most of all FEARLESS!  Vacuum cleaners don't bother them - nothing bothers them.  Their fur is fluffy and they are like a pair of monkeys - they get on and into absolutely everything, and we love them.  Leo and Logan love to be together and I am so glad we got them both, because they have a very strong bond with each other."


From Kelly, our "William's" now named "Charlie's" new owner 10/12/12. "Charlie is FABULOUS!!! He is a wonderful addition to our family. He has the best personality, and loves attention (he gets pushed in a stroller daily and loves every minute of it). He follows us around the house until one of us sits down and then he is up in our lap and purring non stop!! We love him sooo much!!"

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